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Our Philosophy by David Steward

As you review our website you may be wondering, why Flashback Video Productions? There are, after all, many wedding and event video companies to choose from. Well, there are many reasons why we feel that you will be totally satisfied with our company and product.

Years ago, we discovered that many people did not seek the services of a professional wedding and event videographer. Those who did seemed to be scanning through their videotapes after initial repeated viewings only to leave their videos on the shelf to collect dust. This was thought to be the customers’ lack of knowledge. It was said that they did not understand the importance of video. But after researching this thoroughly, Flashback came to the conclusion that it was the video industry itself that was ultimately responsible for the poor perception of wedding and event video. So we here at Flashback set out to change what we did and how we did it.

We asked our clients questions. What was it about wedding and event videos that they didn’t like? We got three consistent answers:

  • The videos were too long.
  • The videos were too boring
  • The videos were too static(one angle)

We took these findings and came up with the following conclusion:

If we can make watching a wedding video more like viewing a movie or television show, it will make the video more entertaining and therefore more watchable. The result being that the client will have a product so invaluable that it would hold up to repeated viewing.

By utilizing techniques that were used in movies and TV, we found that our clients became excited and even ecstatic about watching their videos. We had clients that had parties for a month just to show everyone their videos. Clients came to us and said that friends and family who normally would never sit still to watch a wedding video were glued to their seats watching theirs. We knew we were on to something that got us just as excited about producing great work as our clients were about watching it.

 The following are just a few of the cinematic techniques that we use in our videos to bring the viewing experience to a new level.

  • Edit the entire video down to an hour or less.
  • Use title credits to open and close the video just like a film would
  • Keep each image on the screen no longer than 6-to-10 seconds
  • Shoot with at least 2 cameras
  • Have a great opening to grab the viewer like a movie would
  • Use outtakes at the end of the video like movies do
  • Use music that is unique and matches the beat and feel of the video
  • With the advent of DVD, we have produced special feature segments that can include: bride and groom audio commentary; a documentary segment with the client describing their thoughts on their special day; their entire photo wedding album on DVD with music; and much, much, more!!!!

Incorporating these and other techniques has given our product its own unique look and feel. But at the same time, we want you to know that we also have your wants and desires in mind. We emphasize “customization” in our work. It is your video we are producing, so we want your input as well. With your preferences combined with our cinematic approach, we here at Flashback Video Productions have made it our ultimate goal to produce a product that touches the heart as well as tickles the funny bone and above all provides a unique experience in the world of wedding and event videography.

To find out more about us and what we can do for you, please contact us for a no-obligation demonstration. We are here to help you create a product that will be cherished for generations to come.