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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How should I rank the video in terms of priority when planning my affair?
A-Good question. A recent survey conducted by Breakthrough Marketing Inc., revealed that 54% of brides planning their wedding ranked a wedding video as one of their ten most important services. But after the wedding was over, that number went up to a whopping 79%, with 43% of brides moving it from the top ten to the top five most important services. The value of video becomes greater after the wedding. The survey also showed that 79% of brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to videotape their wedding day. The survey results reveal professional videography has become very important to today's brides. Its value is comparable to wedding photography, and even more valuable in some respects, according to brides surveyed. For more survey details, go to, scroll down to WEVA News and click on “Nationwide Bridal Survey Reveals Value of Videography.”

Q-Are you unobtrusive?
A-Yes. Through the years we have always heard that “we didn’t even know you were there.” Of course, every client is different. Some do not want to know they are being taped and some love the spotlight. We videotape knowing our clients’ “style” ahead of time so our shooting style on that particular day will reflect there personalities.

Q-Do you use bright lights?
A-No. Before the advent of digital, the need for a videographer to require a lot of light(mainly during the reception) was greatly needed to produce a picture that was acceptable. It was not uncommon to set up two or more light stands in the corner of the room in addition to the on camera light. Those days are over. We only use the light on the camera, and the power of that light is usually low and adjustable. Because of the quality of the cameras that we use, the picture quality is outstanding even in low light situations.

Q-Do you recommend using more than one cameraman on a job?
A-Yes. Because of our shooting and editing style, we strongly believe in using more than one camera angle for your wedding if possible. There are two good reasons for this. First, it supplies a great backup situation. We just don’t mean something happening to the first camera physically; but in case the first camera angle is obstructed, for any reason, the second camera gives the viewer something else to look at. The second reason is based on our overall video philosophy, which is; shoot and edit like a movie or television show. One of the reasons movies and TV shows keep a viewer’s interest is because the camera angles are constantly changing. Imagine watching the Super Bowl with just one camera angle. No matter how exciting the game would be, most viewers would quickly lose interest watching the same perspective.

Q-Why should I hire you when my photographer and/or DJ said that they could sell me a video package fairly cheap in price?
A-The answer to this is quite simple. Photographers and DJ’s and anyone else that specializes in their craft is not a videographer. You would not go to them to buy flowers or the cake for your party, so why video? This misconception that has been developed through the years has caused more heartbreak and disappointment for many a bride and groom who wanted quality video only to get a product that will most likely just sit on a shelf. Studios and wedding centers that sell video are concerned about one thing and that is to make more money. Video is just an add on to them. The attention to detail will not get its due. True, this is a business, but shouldn’t a client get the same high quality product that they would expect from their caterers, flourist, band, etc…Would you go to a videographer to get photography? Or how about DJ services? The answer is no. Only a professional videographer can give you the high quality product that you are looking for.