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Dial-Up Modem Connection Samples

These videos are small and will display artifacts from compression, but they will be optimized for playing through dial up modems. We want to give you an ample opportunity to explore our samples portfolio. Since our samples are generously lengthy, allow a little time for the download to begin after selecting a video. The videos are formatted in QuickTime files. If you do not have the current version of the QuickTime player installed on your computer, you can download and install it for free from Apple

The Samples:

OPENINGS: A cinematic beginning to the video that utilizes title credits, music and quick video clips that represent a short highlight of what is to come.

1. Cool Opening 2. Slow Opening

3. Fast Opening

PRE-CEREMONY: Events that takes place before the ceremony. This includes: Brides and/or grooms house coverage as well as formal picture taking. The style can range form Journalistic to Elegant to Documentary.

CEREMONY: The union of man and wife in all possible religious and civil situations as well as locations.

POST CEREMONY: Events that take place after the ceremony is ended. This includes: Formal picture taking at a park, beach and/or the location of the reception hall.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Similar to the extras on a Movie DVD, this is special segment of the video that includes: A making of documentary, outtakes, musical recap of the days events, etc...

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